Storage Systems

Library Mobile Shelving

When it comes to efficient use of space, library mobile shelving offers many advantages over static library shelving. The mobile shelving can be moved individually or all at once, meaning that only one aisle needs to be open at any one time.


Historically, mobile shelving systems have been used primarily in archive settings. However, an increasing number of academic and public libraries are introducing mobile storage systems into public areas, particularly where there is a requirement to set aside a significant proportion of the library for study, reading and multi-use space.


Bruynzeel’s library mobile shelving is available with three different types of operation. Choose from a traditional hand-operated mechanical system, electronic control panel or electronic control panel with additional functionalities such as RFID, ‘park’ mode and PIN entry.


Focus on convenience

  • Effortless operation by ”One touch” panel with 3.5" LCD touch screen in 11 languages.
  • Easily changing settings with PC software connected by an ethernet or USB connection.
  • Communication with file management software for efficient storage and retrieval of files.
  • Accommodates users with special needs.

Focus on protection

  • Night mode which automatically repositions the system, to provide extra ventilation.

Focus on security

  • Flexible programming of access control.
  • System lock for locking a block of mobiles.
  • Programmable default aisle which opens automatically.

Focus on quality and sustainability

  • Stand-by mode which complies with Energy Star or Green Leaf standards.

Floor options

Solid rails, manufactured from cold rolled steel can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an emission free aluminium floor for best protection of the stored items.


  • Mobile base length: up to 14.4 meter.
  • Shelving  height: up to 2994mm in 40 mm increments.
  • Shelf depths: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 370, 390, 400, 450 mm.

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per mobile base    8 ton version is 16 tons
  • Maximum block weight               160 ton version is 320 tons


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